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Pre/Post Natal Nutrition Workshops and Fitness Activities
Beauty, good health and physical strength start within. Whether you are considering pregnancy, are pregnant or have recently given birth, these workshops and fitness activities will help you achieve a lifestyle of good overall health... and you'll have fun along the way.
At Healthy Moms 'N Babes, we take care to provide our clients quality services that are personalized for their unique needs. We are available to schedule consultations and private or group services in the Detroit metro area. Our staff and partners are courteous and efficient professionals.
Breastfeeding and Lactation Support 
Breastfeeding is the most important and efficient way to give your baby optimum nutrition, and naturally prescribed growth and development as well as protection from allergies and diseases. Get personal or group support with the help of our qualified lactation support staff. 

Contact us for details specific to your needs.
Meditation/Relaxation Exercise and Massage Therapy
Relax your mind, body and spirit through our meditation/relaxation​ exercises that include qi gong, yoga and massage. You'll feel at peace, enlivened and strengthened as you respond to your chosen whole body activities.

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